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SpringFest Great Southern with John Dickson will take place in Albany WA, 18-21 October 2018. 

An opportunity for you to hear one of Australia’s foremost teachers and advocates for the Christian faith in the public space. 

  • 5 EVENTS
  • OCT 18 – 21
  • Dr John Dickson


Public Talk

“Has Christianity Done More Harm than Good?”

  • 18th Oct
  • Centennial Stadium


Leader’s Conference

“Public Christianity for a Post Christian World”

  • 19th Oct
  • Albany Baptist Church


Youth Together

“Love.Life: Who Am I and Who Cares?”

  • 19th Oct
  • Oceans Church


SpringFest Conference

“Love-Filled Life”

  • 20th Oct
  • Living Water Anglican Church


Churches Together

“The Loving Heart of the Christian Faith”

  • 21st Oct
  • Albany Baptist Church

SpringFest 2018 is an opportunity for you to hear one of Australia’s foremost teachers and advocates of the Christian Faith.


Dr John Dickson


John’s story is eclectic. Starting out as a professional singer-songwriter, he now works as an author, speaker, historian, senior pastor, and media presenter. He has published 15 books, two of which have become television documentaries, with a third due for release in March 2018.


He teaches a course on the Historical Jesus at the University of Sydney, Australia, and researches the origins of Christianity in the Roman Empire. For 2017-18 he is also a Visiting Academic in the Faculty of Classics at Oxford University in the UK. In all that he does, whether in the media or the church, creative or academic, he strives to be a public advocate for the Christian faith in secularising times. Having lost his father in an air disaster at 9, John is mindful of the sorrows and doubts of our world, and values his wife and three children above all other gifts of this life.


About John’s latest documentary ‘For the Love of God – How the church is better and worse than you ever imagined’.

Christian history offers plenty of ammunition to its critics. Crusades, inquisitions, witch trials, the oppression of women – not to mention the horrific incidence of child abuse, covered up in recent decades by the institutional church.

For the Love of God: How the church is better and worse than you ever imagined, confronts the worst of what Christians have done – and also traces the origins of Western values like human rights, charity, humility, and non-violence back to the influence of Jesus. This is not the history we think we know. Join us on location around the globe and in conversation with leading international scholars as we weigh up the good, the bad, the ugly – and the unexpected – about the impact Christianity has had on the world we live in.